Quality of Life

People decide to make Cape Breton Island their home and never look back! The exceptional lifestyle is difficult to put into words however these images do come to mind when thinking about the island – culturally rich, with short commute times to employment and near access to unlimited outdoor recreational activities on land and sea, no other jurisdiction in Canada offers such a unique work-life balance.

Many of Cape Breton’s top companies have attracted senior management, researchers and other specialized workers from around the world by promoting the region’s unique quality of life. More broadly, the region is attractive for immigrants looking for a pristine, friendly and safe location.

"Leading edge research combined with a rural and welcoming community to live in provides a unique and rewarding experience for our employees. We have not had a problem attracting talented PhD researchers from Europe and the USA to Cape Breton."

Chad Munro, P.Eng
President / CEO Halifax Biomedical Inc.

Median Price of Residential Housing CMHC 2012

Quality of Life